Kim Campbell Sculpture


The Prime Ministers Educational Resource and Statue Project dedicated more than a year and a half to researching and exploring the works of Canadian sculptors adept in presenting exceptional human likenesses cast in bronze. In September, 2016, the coordinating committee selected and contacted twenty-five of these artists across the country.  Each sculptor was invited to submit a proposal depicting a Canadian Prime Minister.  All submissions were considered for inclusion in the ongoing project being developed in Baden, Ontario. The quality of the work received was admirable. After intense review, the committee selected six artists to complete the Prime Ministers’ commissions. The Statue Project is pleased to announce that the following artists will create all works in the collection of twenty-three life-size bronze works of Canada’s Prime Ministers to date:

–  Ruth Abernethy (Ontario);

–  Darren Byers and Fred Harrison (New Brunswick);

–  Alan Henderson (Alberta);

– Morgan Macdonald (Newfoundland);

–  Nathan Scott (British Columbia)

The collection of sculptures of Canada’s Prime Ministers will continue to grow as funds are available. Donations to the project can be made at>createscape.

For more information contact:

Jim Rodger, Co-Coordinator

The Prime Ministers Statue and Educational Resource Project

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