John Peter Humphrey was a man committed to human rights and the condition of mankind. He rose to great heights in his life’s work but never lost the sense of himself as part of the society he lived in.

Photo by Phils holmesIn the sculpture the older man contemplates the draught of his document quietly; beside him kneels the small figure of himself at the age of seven. At this time he lived in Hampton and all through his life remembered it fondly, even choosing to be buried here.
The semi circular ash benches that the carved figure sits on symbolize the United Nations. To invoke the essence of the Declaration as a lasting monument for all peoples, we chose two large sandstone monoliths. Upright and powerful they stand for strength and longevity. One is carved with some of the articles of the Declaration and the other is a fountain, its water symbolizing the movement of time and creating a sense of quiet and peace John Peters Humphrey believed that “there is a fundamental connection between human rights and peace. We will have peace on earth when everyone’s rights are respected.”

JPH Painting with Kathy Hooper JPH-1-April-23- photo by Phyllis Holmes photo by Philis Holmes image5