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Matthew Brown of  will be travelling around Atlantic Canada filming artist and there work, for the film series he is creating for Bell TV. The series is called the Atlantic Canadian art show: Studio Tour, The episode with the carved crows included is filmed at the Saint John Centre, as well as at the studios of some of the artist.

You can hear a conversation with Andrew Kierstead, Executive Director, Saint John Arts Centre

Krista Hasson, – Watercolor Redefined

Sandra Betts & Lois Wilby Hooper – The Same But Different

Robert A. Van de Peer – An Honest and Steady Trade: Adventures in Printmaking

Bernard J.Cormier, Cultural Affairs Officer

All of the episodes will be showing on Bell’s “On demand” channel too, which is cool, so all of the episodes will be available all year there. Check out the very attentive approach that Mat uses with his filming.

video series created by Matt Brown on Bell TV about studio tours in Atlantic Canada

(look for studio tour S1 E02 near the start of the list). Link below



Thanks Mat


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